Thank God it’s Saturday.

It’s been a l o n g week and wow—is it ever great to have 24 hours of unstructured time . . . There’s still going to be a list of to-do s involved but they’ll get done when they get done. There’s going to be some fresh air and some good food, some anticipated reading and well earned resting. A little tending to the garden too.

But it all starts here and now with my cuppa Joe and a meditative heart. In a space of quiet and calm; chaos free. Worry free. There’s time for that biz but not today, not at this moment. I’m so thankful for my work, for the roof over my head, for my family and friends.

Whatever you do in your next twenty-four hours, no matter what’s on your plate and who needs you and all that you are,

have a good day no matter what.

No matter what.

Peace out . . .

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