Hand Me Downs

If you grew up in a family with siblings chances are that at some point you were dressed in hand-me-downs. Re-purposing perfectly good clothing outgrown by a sibling, cousin, or neighbor even, is a cost-efficient and time-honored method of frugally clothing a young and growing family.

But what if, well past our years of having parentals dress us, we’re still wearing garments that someone else chose for us and dressed us in? And ill fitting garments at that. Not that they’re unattractive or cumbersome but they don’t fit who we are now. Maybe the color just isn’t us. Maybe the cut is wrong for our body type. Maybe the sleeves are too short and we feel that our forearms are exposed more than we care for. Perhaps too tight across the back and shoulders so when we reach out for someone or something we’re restricted. What an uncomfortable experience for the wearer!

What might be restricting you from embracing the fullness of relationship, joy, the good and simple things in life? It’s probably time for a new wardrobe but we’ve got to take off the old before we can get into the new. Who goes into a dressing room and tries on a swimsuit on top of a pair of jeans and a hoodie?

That’s why we do the changing in private. And when we feel we’ve found a good fit we step out of that dressing room and get on with it. Resizing. Revising.

It may be all that’s holding you back.

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