Back to Life

The season of new life.

I thought these few sprigs of lavender sent to me from California’s Central Coast were goners. But a fresh trim of their stems and some fresh water to drink (plus a tiny splash of a secret ingredient) made a world of difference. Miracle Gro performed a miracle indeed!

Is there a hope or dream in your life that seems to have died? You may have wished for that thing to come to pass but it didn’t work out and sadly so. Things change. People change. Timing should be right but it isn’t. Our hopes are high and then they wilt and wither when we least expect it. But don’t give up hope. Dead things do come back to life and hope never truly dies. Miracles still happen.

It’s springtime—the season for new life, new hopes, and new dreams to blossom. Shake off the heavy hearted disappointments of a winter that has passed and get to living again! Up from the grave He arose. So can we. So we shall if we grab hold of a fresh new hope and get to living.

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