A Rose by Any Other Name

As pretty as a bridal bouquet.

Gathered from the garden of a kind neighbor each one that made the “final cut” was chosen from its own rose bush of origin—all seven of them plus a velvety succulent for good measure. How they compliment each other when placed side by side!

The dark rose is my favorite though not visible from this angle. She appears in somber solitude and seems to prefer to stand alone. But, by the estimation of an all-knowing Gardener, is best appreciated when arranged next to a sunny yellow companion and even such an unlikely partner as the succulent. The contrast itself reveals unique qualities otherwise unregarded.

Life spent in the community of others is often the most fragrant. We can grow our entire lives connected to those who are most like us, to family, to our kin, our own kind. But how lucky are we, despite the occasional prick of a thorn, who choose to plant ourselves in a community of variety and rich diversity. Different colorations and varying fragrances; thorn sharpness, even distinctively unique supporting green leaves.

When gathered together they form a bouquet of greater beauty and fragrance than one blossom could ever attain on its own.

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