Diamond in the Rough

In Disney’s Aladdin an ominous voice, coming from the Cave of Wonders, commands in a raspy roar “Seek ye out the diamond in the rough.” A whole lot of colorful animation and a whole lot of colorful Robin Williams comedic genius later and we discover that the prized and sought-after diamond in the rough is Aladdin the self proclaimed street rat. The local kid who is poor enough to steal bread for his supper and yet charming enough to steal the heart of the beautiful Princess Jasmine.

Let’s just cut to it quickly; You, my friend, are a diamond in the rough. Life, in its many circumstances of ups and downs, is putting pressure on you that creates toughness and resilience. Good times are the polishings that make you shine. Others see it. Sometimes you don’t. You may be the only one that “don’t.” You may be looking in the wrong mirror if all you’re seeing is a reflection that disappoints. You may never see it but you have to believe it any way and behave, while truly believing, like one who is highly valued, strong, brilliant, and light reflecting. This isn’t to say that you haven’t “been through it” or are, right now, “in it.” That gives you the ability to understand and to lift up others who are in it.

Shine bright like a diamond? No, shine bright because you are one.

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