Don’t Care?

I’ve been experiencing a bit of a different mindset lately and specifically since changing the way I wear my hair. I’m not going to obsess about it (too much!) but for me right now it’s a representation of a new-ish direction. I’ve been straightening my hair my entire life because I’ve not often enjoyed the wavy/curly hair that the good Lord gave me. I’d much rather have sleek and shiny straight locks. Girls care about these things. We just do.

We care about so many things and so many people throughout life’s journey. Our parents, our siblings, our grades. Our books, our looks, our friends, our prospective future. Our potential mate, our children, our career, our home, our vacations, our community. Then it cycles back around to our parents and their changing needs and on and on. Bruised knees and broken hearts get sprinkled in for good measure. Summers and sunsets too.

Through all the cares and all the loves and all the living in between the least of our concerns is how we wear our hair.

So there it is. After all the seasons of care, we will hopefully, one fine day, wake up with a new sense of spirit that translates pretty well to, “Curly hair—don’t care.” Then we’ll get out there and continue with some world-class caring about the things and the people that truly matter.

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