So Much in Common

• Jill Lehmann Photography / Getty Images

Today on my morning drive I followed a dark blue Hyundai for a mile or so. I could tell from the decals and stickers on their car that we shared a couple of common interests. Their license plate frame was printed with the name of my hometown! They needed to turn left just ahead and so did I! Then they signaled that they were getting off at the next exit . . . so was I!

Oh, look, they have four tires on their car . . . so do I! They probably have gas in their tank . . . so do I! They’re probably breathing air right now. Oh my gosh, SO AM I!

Sort of funny and sort of real. We’ve got to check our hearts the next time we over-identify with someone and possibly miss who “they” really are. For the good or for the bad, if we think the friendship or relationship is worth pursuing, then we’ve got to get to know THEM. Get to know what’s not like us. We’ll find that they possess qualities that we’re lacking and that we’d like to have in our lives. We may also discover personality aspects that are somewhat distasteful to us.

And so it begins in the early stages of getting to know someone when we’re still learning the smallest of relatable commonalities. At some point the similarities have all been identified and now it’s time to learn who they truly are. Check your heart at this stage of discovery so you can see who they truly are instead of who you may need them to be.

Just a friendly encouragement to check your heart.

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