New Purpose

Orange peels soaking up some Southern California sun.

After most of their moisture has been evaporated they’ll be placed into a glass canning jar with a rosemary sprig or two and then left for a couple of weeks to bathe in white vinegar in the back of the cupboard. The result will be an orangey scented surface cleaner with disinfectant properties.

I just love that the throwaway peels of the fruit I already enjoyed will serve a new purpose. They’ll have imparted their fragrance, their very essence, into an astringent agent and in doing so will have elevated a common ingredient into something special.

From a blossom to a full fruit to a peel to a lingering fragrance . . . There’s meaning and purpose in every phase. Orange blossoms were once a popular addition to be tucked into bridal bouquets. Never having reached their full potential or natural destiny, the tiny, deeply fragrant blossoms were suddenly elevated to a position of a great honor and carried ceremoniously by a beautiful young bride.

Life can carry on being so very normal and predictable then in the briefest of moments can take us in an unexpected direction or an unanticipated level or purpose. Enjoy your journey, little blossom. Those around you will be lifted by your fragrance and your unique purpose along life’s way.

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