Got a minute? Picture in your mind’s eye a countryside stream. Perhaps a babbling brook that’s lined on both sides with thriving birch trees in various stages of development. Some with their fresh new green shoots and their precious tender branches reaching upwards for more sunlight. Some, very well-established with sturdy trunks and well-established growth, providing shade for the young’ns down below. A gentle breeze moves their leaves like an entire community gathered together on a warm Saturday night for a countryside dance.

It’s the water source that keeps them fresh and green and growing and alive. A green leaved tree needs nutrients to survive but it also must have plenty of water. So what happens when the creek runs dry? It’s sad to say that communities of trees have dried up and ceased to exist when the conditions have changed and the water takes a different course. Trees can’t pull up their tent stakes, pack it up and move. But people can.

Do you want to grow? Do you want to live?

Sometimes we have to move and I mean HAVE TO—like live or die. We are like trees but we are not trees. We are not statues made of stone but are living beings who need the nutrients of life and copious amounts of water to grow and thrive. Sometimes you have to move to where the water is flowing freely. But it doesn’t stop there. You need to drink it in. Don’t watch it flow by without ever dipping in your toe or taking good long drink of it. Stay green, there’s a community that needs you no matter what phase of growth you’re in.

Stay green.

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