Green Acres

Look at these guys—what a life they lead. Green pastures and fresh air. Nothing to do all the live-long day but nosh on organic, gluten-free clover, take naps and stroll around the hood with family and friends.

Only the finest perfectly chilled mountain spring water touches their lips. Occasional rock-wall climbing amenities provided at no additional charge; not to mention the complimentary grooming and haircut services. Sounds like easy street and except for the absence of a good cup of coffee who could want for more?

They don’t cut coupons or look for the best deal on a new fuel efficient vehicle. They don’t follow trends and wonder if their jeans are skinny enough or ripped in the right places or have a high enough waistband. They don’t follow politics or Game of Thrones or have an interest in what handbag the Queen will be carrying to the Royal Ascot.

A simple life. Trusting their shepherd to make the right choices when it comes to a place to lay their head as the sun goes down. But even that doesn’t quite capture their existence. Unlike us, who need to develop trust in others (and very rightly so) sheep have no concept of a need to trust. Their shepherd leads them day after day to locally sourced micro-green salad bars with no out of pocket expense. And when the occasional predator comes around the fringes of the flock the shepherd has their back. The rain will fall for sure and there’ll be days of drought as well but all in all it’s a very sweet gig.

If we could hear the voice of a lowly sheep it just might be saying, “My shepherd is my Lord. I will always have everything I need.”

And that, my friends, is true peace.

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