What’s Stopping You?

You’re standing very close to the edge, you know.

We’ve been warned about “the edge“ since childhood. “Don’t stand so close to the edge,“ our aunts, uncles, parents, and closest friends have warned us. With sincere caution in their voices they’ve told us of the dangers of getting too close. Frankly, thank God for the people sprinkled throughout our lives in the formative years who’ve spared us from unknown peril with their experiential wisdom. We truly need guard rails if we’re to make it to an age where our lives will become meaningful and make a contribution!

But pause and think. What comes to mind when you recall a time you were warned? An icy pond? A mountain ledge? The hair pin curves of a winding mountain road or perhaps it wasn’t something involving physical harm. We go through our young lives being warned and then we, over time, will unwittingly transition into that role and will assume the mantle of compassionately or boldly cautioning others.

A simple question to ask our grownup selves is this, is it possible that there are other edges that we get very close to that, instead of being dangerous, are indeed at the threshold of discovery? Or purpose.

What lies just beyond that edge?

We’ve been conditioned to be cautious, to avoid getting too close and to step away from things that appear to be dangerous or unknown. “Turn back Columbus, you’re sailing too far! You know the earth is flat and you’re getting dangerously close to the edge!“

Are you getting my drift? The Great Unknown has earned a reputation that causes others to wish that we would stay back and stay safe. This little post is not an endorsement of dangerous living rather a gentle nudge to check yourself just to make sure all the well intentioned warnings of your early days are not holding you back from your next best thing. Guard rails and caution tape are necessary to preserve life and prevent danger and yet . . .

what’s stopping you?

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