Day in the Sun

Always a Bridesmaid

She stands alone, sunlight pouring through the window panes, illuminating this vision of a heavenly angelic being robed in white.

Do you see her there? Fallen from the cloud of purest white just above. Her temporary home is now upon this English oak. She’s been separated from her sisters and friends and will not be returning. Never again will she rejoin those she grew up with and has spent her entire life with. Ah, sun filled days were spent together enjoying the cool breezes of many a springtime day.

She lies in state with dearest, fondest memories swirling through her quieted mind, now recalling when she herself was just a tiny little bud, surrounded by her fellow play mates who seemed to blossom just ahead of her. But her time came too. Oh the dances to the music of the meadow larks that would play on an early Saturday evening! Not to mention the times the friendly neighborhood bees and butterflies would swing by just to say hello. The nats were annoying, not to mention the occasional and extremely infuriating slugs that tried to crash the party, but thank goodness for the local garden lizards that took care of those unwanted fellows. Yes, those handsome garden lizards. . . so extremely handsome.

Fond memories of a life well lived. But it’s Springtime now and there are new buds everywhere! Her final wish is that these budding maidens of the garden will embrace and enjoy every breeze, every butterfly, every moment.

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