The Fruit of Your Labor

What do you do for “a living?” What is your line of work? What’s your day job?

We’ve all been asked this question at a cocktail party or bar, a speed dating event or a coffee house. It isn’t always easy to answer if you don’t work 9 to 5 or when you’re home raising the next generation of great thinkers, poets, influencers, inventors and such. But whatever you do there is an end result that can simply be summed up as the fruit of your labor.

There are a lot of amazing young mamas on social media, motivating others to get fit, eat healthy, be socially responsible; showing us how to shop well at Trader Joe’s, how they run a design business, write manuscripts, and so much more. What is the fruit of their labor?

There are a lot of amazing guys on social too, motivating others to get fit, eat healthy, be socially responsible as well; leather workers, photographers, hairstylists, baristas (God bless!), authors, speakers. And quite obviously these lists are synonymous not gender specific in anyway.

Male or female—at the end of the day we all produce something just because we’re alive and kicking. Even if we’re barely kicking. And even if we specialize in kicking. The fruit we produce depends on the seed that was sown into us and also the seed that we intentionally plant into our own lives. What fruit do you bear?

Love? Joy? Peace? Maybe you create community. Maybe you give others hope. Maybe you light a fire in those you connect with. On and on and on. To Infinity and beyond. The possibilities and variations are endless but one fact remains: there is fruit from your life that’s not related to cold cash and a bank account and you, dear farmer, are in charge.

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