The Cream Always Rises

The cream ALWAYS rises to the top. It’s a solid though lighter substance and one would imagine it should sink. The loggers in days of yore realized they had a good thing going. They would cut down scores of towering pines then toss them in the river where they’d float, free of charge, to the next destination. Heavy things floating freely— it makes you stop to ponder.

There’s a four letter word I know and love. When we possess it, it gives us fuel, propels us, sparks our dreams while breathing life into our ideas. When we have it, we climb mountains. We rise. The climb still gives us sore muscles and causes sweat to pour, bringing on physical exhaustion.

But with H O P E . . .

A preteen hoping to be a rockstar someday yet never strumming a guitar or taking a music lesson may wonder, as a disenchanted 40 something, why he didn’t get a break, why he didn’t make it in the biz. It truly takes more than wishing on a star to pursue our dreams and if you’ve ever really gone after something in your life, I mean REALLY gone after it, then you’ll know what I mean. So often the thing that slows us down is not lack of talent but lack of hope. Hope and despair cannot occupy the same space at the same time. That “sinking” feeling of despair can strip the most talented of their rightful place at the top. The place where the cream hangs out. How each of us will define “the top“ is a story for another day.

Hope floats. Sounds like a title to a movie.

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