Semper virēns means ever green—most commonly used in reference to trees that remain green all year long. Right? And the term is closely related to the concept of something that’s flourishing, which happens to be one of my very favorite words. To flourish is to grow, to thrive, to be doing well. Is it well with your soul?

The mighty live oak tree stays verdant 365 days a year and has been known to live for hundreds of years, continuing to grow, continuing to produce acorns, growing ever stronger, all the while staying green. It doesn’t strive to keep its color though. Sunshine, good rich soil, and an abundant supply of water keep it going. Gallons upon gallons of water actually.

I want to be an oak tree when I grow up, ha! But we start our journey as little acorns.

Here in SoCal the native Indians once existed on acorns as a food source, creating gluten-free flour for breads and such. Nutritious and (possibly) delicious. And able to sustain this population without them ever experiencing famine. They learned to rely on the little acorn to survive.In a way, we need to learn to rely on each other to survive. Think about it. And while you’re thinking about it remember that the acorn is the fruit of the mighty oak and cannot exist without it.

So hey, little acorn, is it well with your soul?

Gotta love a little Sunday sermon-ish. Psalm 92:12-15

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