Killin’ It

This 1930’s illustration by Rockwell Kent depicts Prince Harry striking down the much more charming, much more formidable and more highly skilled swordsman aptly named Hotspur, son of the Earl of Northumberland.

According to the story that WS wove, the lesser character of the two was victorious and slew his legendary nemesis. Hotspur by all rights should have won this contest since it was in his nature to fight, and to win. Harry, (Hal) was indeed the king’s son but not the better swordsman and not the one with the reputation or the inclination to be a legendary victor.

And yet . . .

the king’s son is pictured standing over his fallen frenemy. He wasn’t plotting this. He didn’t have a score to settle or a vendetta to enact. Hotspur was truly not his enemy. But in the moment of truth, only one of these two could remain standing. “Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere.“

Fear and faith cannot occupy the same space. This image of Prince Harry, sword in hand, represents vanquishing fear. Your current reputation and inclination aside, standing up to and conquering fear is your only path to victory. When we fear we won’t win, we won’t win. When we don’t pick up the sword to defend what is right, fear of “what might happen” wins the day. Face it, calmly deal with it, then stand in victory and go about doing good.

Yes, challenging words but necessary actions needed to move forward in victory over the fear that will quench your life purpose.

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