A Spring in Her Step

Yesterday morning I noticed three pre-teens walking on their way to school. The two boys walked and talked together. They were skinny and twerpy in stature but I don’t mean that in a cruel way, rather as a descriptor. Their attitude conveyed a cool-ness like, “Yeah, I AM all that” vibe as they walked, heavy laden with huge backpacks, talking on their morning route. The young girl who followed about 15 feet behind them was taller than either of the boys. Her very long hair was beautifully wavy and blonde – and they didn’t seem to notice her at all. There was something childlike about her that could easily be seen by the natural and un-self conscious little skip in her step.

It’s funny how quickly we assess people by their gait. We all do it. My heart breaks when I think of the guy who used to mop the floors at the local McDonald’s. He had such a heavy limp but the brightest spirit and would happily and enthusiastically greet everyone who walked through the doors of that place.

And then there was the friend of mine who was prematurely gray. Like maybe in her 30’s or was it her 40’s? She was an ageless beauty and it honestly didn’t matter if her hair was lavender. Once someone remarked, most likely because of the color of her hair (or the lack there of), that she was “spry for her age. “ We laughed so hard! Spry?

So how do you walk? Confidently? With a timid limp? Or perhaps like the gentleman I passed further on up the street after seeing the junior high kids this morning. He had a downcast gaze and a slower stride that indicated he might not need to be anywhere in a hurry. Physical assessments aside, regardless of haircolor, or physical impairment or a cool aloofness or even a childlikeness, how do you carry yourself when you walk?

And how does your heart walk? Now that’s a question worth asking and an undeniable connection worth examining.

The state of my heart will likely determine the steps of my feet. And with that being said I wonder where my heart will take me today.

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