Life or Death?

Hmmmm, instant Starbucks was my go-to this morning and thankfully it did the trick. Dear Keurig is still on the fritz after a thorough cleaning but I’m not ready to say goodbye to it’s convenience quite yet.

So I split open this Via packet with a sharp knife, much as one would with do with a Madagascar vanilla bean, trying to capture every granule of flavor possible. It was actually pretty tasty in spite of the fact that the packet was stamped, “use by 2015.“

Oh Em Gee! This seals my fate as a caffeine junkie. And now, publicly confessing how low I’ll stoop in coffee desperation, no one will dare accuse me of being a coffee snob. I will forever prefer a freshly pulled shot of espresso over ice but will settle in an emergency.

So the things we think we have to have in order to be successful, to have a happy life, or to get through one stinking day, and so on—they’re just things that we’re drawn to and that we enjoy or prefer. But life or death? Probably not. When push comes to shove and circumstances or finances or broken Keurig‘s dictate a quick change – will I roll with it? Heck yeah! No point in cursing the darkness when all you have to do is turn on the light. Or open a packet. Even if it’s date stamped 2015.

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