Avoiding the Breakdown

French press, pour over, hand pressed Espresso —these are my favorite in-home methods of making a strong, rich cuppa Joe. The handcrafted aspect puts me in control of how my cup turns out. So I was less than thrilled when I was gifted the latest and greatest model Keurig machine. The thing was huge and took up too much real estate on my kitchen counter. We just didn’t bond . . . until the day I needed my java on a running-late kind of morning.

The rest is history. What a revelation to discover how many

exceptional coffee pods are out there. No mess to clean up and it’s FAST! Nowadays, except for an occasional weekend cup, my French press and it’s cousins have been relegated to steerage class and dwell below deck in the dark.

It’s been a happy, maintenance free two years until today. Dear Keurig weakly sputtered while producing a sparse and barely tepid shot, taking three times longer than the norm.

While sitting here in my favorite armchair writing this post, I found a one minute video on how to remedy the problem. And I’m going to try it in just a few minutes. But at this moment I publicly acknowledge that, yes, I need to perform normal maintenance for dear Keurig to run at optimal efficiency. And there’s a lesson in that.

Relationships, people, and pets need to be nurtured and carefully maintained, not just kept around for our convenience or to entertain us. There’s a fine balance of give and take in this life. Sometimes we just need to slow down a bit to realize it. At times our awareness of something or someone we take for granted needs to be awakened. Sometimes things break down before they recapture our attention. Selah (Hebrew word asking us to pause and listen).

Let’s do a little maintenance very soon, if not today, to intentionally nurture the relationships, people, and pets that shape and define our lives.


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