Food for Worms

“Thou art food for worms, brave Percy.” Shakespeare, Henry IV part One

How well fed are the earthworms in my compost pile! My leftover fruit and veg scraps are stored in the freezer during the week to be tossed into the compost bin on Saturday, creating a nutrient dense soil additive for my small garden. It’s a feast of rose petals and kale scraps, jalapeños and leftover acorn squash. Pretty good eats by anyone’s standards.

Its amazing how quickly these small “Invertebrates Annelida” devour their weekly banquet. I suppose the constant food source makes my compost bin much like a resort worthy of a long-term stay. A Grand Hotel of sorts with the best buffet in town.

They do have preferences though, and will occasionally reject certain citrus scraps. They’ll consume everything else but leave the offensive materials untouched. As the caretaker of this mini garden of Eden I must stay on top of things, quickly removing offensive items before they begin to mold and rot, eventually wreaking havoc in the hood.

There are elements of our life experience that feed our souls and nourish us. They contribute to our own wellbeing and enrich us in life-giving ways. Then in turn we ourselves contribute to and enrich the environment around us and those that dwell in it. But what about the other stuff? The things we don’t like, prefer not to have around and even detest will still find their way into our sphere. Sometimes by our own hand. Within reason, if these things do not nourish us and support our wellness, removal must be considered. As in the compost pile, the things that we bury, that dwell in the dark, that are distasteful to us will begin to rot. Funny how quickly mold spreads and decay accelerates while we’re busy doing other things.

Every little plot of earth needs intentional care and nourishment. Adding the good ingredients makes good sense. Remember to identify the bad and decide what appropriate actions must be taken to take to ensure wellness and growth. Even the worms do it.

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