One Moment Please . . .

One moment is all it takes for a quick reset.

Anytime. Anywhere. Take a moment to reconnect with that thing that gets you going on your best day. Not the alarm. Not the commute. Not the commitment to be somewhere and be someone. At the dawning of a perfect day, what stirs within you and causes your heart, soul, and mind to yearn for action? To create, to make something better for someone else, to express your soul in a way that moves others, to roll up your sleeves and get some hard work done just because it’s there?

Do you visualize capturing a moment on film that multitudes of others will enjoy once you’ve frozen it in time for them? Will you pull the perfect espresso shot today for that supreme flat white you’ll serve a customer? Design a new hair style for a client and in so doing empower them beyond what they could imagine? Or balance the company’s books and discover a small but potentially game changing error?

Oh the joys of the everyday that become extraordinary when purpose and passion get stirred in to the mix. What is that thing? The freer souls will know. Many of the rest of us will need to put ourselves on a “time-out” to reconnect and remember what moves us. Find that moment—and the sooner the better for you, for me, and for all of us!

Remember, one moment is all it takes.

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