The Fast Lane

Ah, the fast lane. A beautiful place to be. There are less distractions when you’re moving at the speed of light. This is the FAST lane after all—not a passing lane for others to get in and out of. Get me there and make it fast!

Of course the complications associated with that lane are dealing with those not going fast enough and the occasional sighting of law enforcement. That’s our perception when we’re moving at the speed of light—that others are slowing us down.

I’ve been known to drive 80 mph on the freeway and just possibly my favorite Disneyland ride might be Space Mountain. I appreciate a fast pass that takes me to the head of the wait line/queue so I can speed through the dark ahead of other folks.

Then there’s that darn Autopia ride. As a kid you have this false sense of being in complete control of the road. Hands on the wheel, foot on the gas pedal. As a pre-teen It becomes all about ramming the car ahead of you or being slammed by the car behind. Then we eventually mature and realize that the car is on a track and the accelerator is only about forward motion not speed. This is only a ride after all. A kiddie ride at that.

Maybe it’s time to think about changing lanes. Maybe getting there and getting there fast should be left to those fleeing the scene or needing an emergency room or making it to the church on time.

They say, “slow down and smell the roses” and “Enjoy the journey.” What if they’re right?

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