Dig It Out

Where are the golden nuggets?

Where is the currency that paves our way, that fills the gas tank, the golden nuggets of wisdom and truth that overwhelm our souls?

A golden nugget can be anything we place value on. Cash money. Wisdom. Relationship. Why is real gold buried deep in the earth? Why isn’t it just there on the curbside like low hanging fruit, ripe for the picking? Why does it take blood, sweat, and tears to get to the really good stuff?

Literal gold is available at every jewelry store. Literary gold can be found at the corner book store — or on Amazon for that matter. But the golden truth of the matter is that somebody, somewhere in the world had to mine and blast away at the rock and the cold hard dirt to get to it and bring it out and bring it up to the surface, to the light. Countless hours and countless trips back down into the dark, into the mines where the gold lies, just waiting for discovery. Maybe for years, maybe forever.

The gold we see in the jewelry stores, bookstores and online stores was sought out, discovered, and brought to the surface. Somebody put in the time of countless drafts and reiterations to perfectly craft words that would evoke visions in the rest of us. Somebody had to do the excavating.

Want gold? Are you willing to go deep for it? If yes then it’s time to dig in.

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