To Be or Not To Be

iPhones and Instagram make it oh so easy to apply any number of filters to our photos, foods, fashions, fitness and furnishings. I use them on occasion. Is that cheating or enhancing?

I wear makeup too and for similar reasons like adding a bit of color here and shadow there and a highlight here and some glimmer there. Maybe some definition. Maybe some cover-up is involved. Is that cheating or enhancing?

These green goddesses have an effortless beauty, doing nothing to achieve their perfection, and without filter applied, were lit and camera-ready just as I found them at @theecologycenter in San Juan Capistrano. It would be nice to take my cue from them and go au naturel but instead I’ll take my hue from them aka highlighter, shadow, liner, color. . .

Some Sunday words from a Man whose opinion means everything to me:

“See how the lilies and wildflowers of the field grow; they don’t labor or spin wool to make clothing, yet I say to you that not even Solomon in all his glory and splendor dressed himself like one of these.”

To filter or not to filter? Ah, the One who brought the first light knows a thing or two about the glorious effects of a good shadow!

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