The Resistance

Tantallon Castle, North Berrick, Scotland. Considered to be in a semi-ruined state due to many years of resistance — but it still stands. It remains today after its final attack by Oliver Cromwell’s army in 1651. Fast forward to the present.

Physical resistance makes us stronger. Resistance training challenges our muscles and bones; our infrastructure. And if we press against it we’re made stronger.

Do you ever wonder why it can feel like some people are “The Resistance?” That they’re pushing back against us?

It just might be that their resistance to us lies in the fact that they simply don’t want to do what we want them to and may be nothing more than that. It may not have much to do with “them” at all but with an internal expectation WE have placed on a situation or person because we’re expecting specific responses with pre-determined results. Or, because we’re mis-thinking that we alone have arrived at a certain place of wisdom or revelation, sometimes followed by the notion that anyone who doesn’t roll out the red carpet for our ideas must surely be resistant to them, or more likely, to us.

Not so!

Sometimes it’s not that people are against us. They might be totally “for us” but have a differing opinion and solid personal boundaries as well. Sometimes our interactions with others feel out of alignment because they are. Most often it only takes a minor shift to regain center. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that others must agree with every thought you think or idea you have to truly be for you. Allow the people you like, love, and admire to be who they are and think their own way. And when you do align —dig in and accomplish something meaningful, perhaps powerful . . . together.

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