Sunshine and Citrus

It’s been so bitingly cold lately in sunny SoCal that I’ve taken to wearing mittens for the short walk from my door to the car. It’s got to be only 58 degrees or so after all. Near apocalyptic conditions to those of us who’ve lived our entire lives in paradise.

We fragile Southern Californians experience a half an inch of rain and our LA weather stations will chronicle this catastrophic event with a report entitled “STORM WATCH LA.” For reals.

I suppose when you’re not accustomed to these weather extremes you find yourself reacting strongly to them. We deal with earthquakes just fine though because we’ve grown up with them – but give us a little cold here in the Sunshine State – give us some drizzle and we practically lose our minds. We are a state of sunshine and citrus.

Or is it a state of mind? Because, think about it, we know how to duck and cover when the ground beneath our feet begins to sway. Seriously, our world literally gets rocked and we keep going. Step back for a moment and hear what I’m saying.

Sometimes we’re quick to acknowledge our shortcomings and even make little jokes about our weaknesses and fears. But why not focus on the strength at your core – on your ability to stand when the earth itself shakes? Think about it for one long moment and I bet you’ll recall a time when you were brave. When you were the rock that others needed. When you made it through and led others to a safer place. Magnify that today why don’t you? Sunshine and citrus? Courage and strength.

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