There used to be a gorgeous red rose bush growing in the entryway of my home. It did fairly well in that location but for some long-forgotten reason I dug it up and transplanted it into a perfect spot in the back garden. This dear rose bush has continually thanked me for the re-plant by producing amazingly fragrant and velvety blooms throughout the year.

The thing is, for all the years since the transplant, healthy rose stems and leaves have grown back in the original location. Never a bud or a blossom. Just an abundance of deep green leaves despite having cut the thing to the ground countless times. For whatever reason its held its territory with relentless fervor. Completely flowerless. Perhaps to spite me for having moved the Mother plant, unintentionally leaving a little root behind. Despite bone meal and banana peel treatments it will not produce a single bud. Basically I’ve given up on further efforts but the underlying wish definitely remains.

While watering very early this morning, as my own corner the world still slept, I noticed how a random succulent nearby had grown up amongst the blossom-less rose leaves giving the impression of what I’ve longed for. I hadn’t noticed before what a truly striking combo they make.

As I made a simple bouquet with these two garden companions a thought came to mind. Maybe its time to stop wishing that something perfectly beautiful should be something else. I’ve got the ruby red beauties growing in another location if not here where I wish they would again bloom.

Perception of a thing is in the eye of the beholder. Personally speaking, I’m realizing that my own expectations might be keeping me from placing deserved value on that which is growing right before my eyes.

Sometimes what life gives us is a little bit different than what we dreamt. Maybe its a gift we shouldn’t be so quick to refuse.

I’ve got time for one more cuppa while I let that one sink in.

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