Go For It

The most precious marauder just made a flying leap at the hanging dove feeder that I’d filled up with bird seed only an hour before.

Seeing that he is in fact a squirrel and not a bird nevertheless he has moxie in spades which seemed to give him the notion that he could fly through the air. And with or without the greatest of ease his eye was on the prize. Oh how I loved his determination and felt entirely inspired by his “go for it” attitude.

EVEN THOUGH there’d been fresh squirrel treats in the feeder box dedicated just for his consumption, for whatever reason, he zeroed in on this target and went for it. He took a flying leap from the fence ledge and scored! I imagine that he’d intended to nosh the seed mid-air from the hanging feeder however obtaining grub was the prime directive regardless of where the table was set. He had a short term goal and obtained it even though it involved a crash landing. A full cup of seed, now accessible, lay scattered on the ground below.

He didn’t pause to consider that the ratio of millet to black sunflower seed was 20 to 1. He didn’t take into consideration that there wasn’t a safety net below. He didn’t rationalize that, unlike the other wild creatures frequenting this hanging buffet, he had no wings.

Sometimes Red Bull gives you wings and then sometimes sheer desire propels you forward. Sometimes you hear a soundtrack in your head playing “I Believe I Can Fly… “

Wouldn’t today be as good a day as any to spread your wings and leap towards something you’ve been wanting in your life? Praying for perhaps? Oh I could go on and on about this but I think you catch my drift. What a perfect day to spread your wings and fly.

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