La Frivoleté?

Sturdy little coaster

Yes, this looks like Great Granny’s doily. Meticulously hand made in the French tradition of la frivoleté, monogrammed with the initials MHD, its one of a coaster set of four. American made by the process known as “tatting“ though the French term sounds so much more el-ay-gaunt than that. Regardless, it looks like delicate lace but it’s actually quite durable having been made to last a lifetime. Several lifetimes. No, not impervious to utter destruction, yet this sturdy little example of the decorative arts of the 1930s has survived into 2021 unscathed. It was not set aside in the linen cabinet for fancy occasions but created for every day use.

Here’s an important message for anyone who has ears to hear it. And if it is for you, you will know it. Get out of the linen cupboard and live your best life now. Only you will know the specifics of how that translates to your own very specific and unique life. You were made to last a lifetime, however long or short that turns out to be. Yes, we are living in a time of pandemic which requires unusual precaution, however, your spirit, your creative, productive energy need not be confined but rather channeled into an appropriately safe outlet. Paint, post online, purge your possessions and donate non-essentials, practice your musical talents. Just don’t resign yourself to maintaining a protective state as you collect dust, as you lie silently in a dormant state.

Is your body weakened and unwilling to get off the shelf? You were given a strong spirit. Activate it’s God given abilities.

You were fearfully and wonderfully made. For service. Like a doily. Not a cupboard shelf. ❤️

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