Good Morning!

Early morning light

My fellow early risers will agree that there’s nothing like waking up before the sun and enjoying the stillness of the new day while making that first morning cuppa. A phrase comes to mind, used by Scottish author George MacDonald in at least a couple of his novels, as he described the morning routine of his main character. “He came to himself slowly as was his custom.” I love the thought and it plays in my head most mornings before my feet hit the floor. When you arise early enough, assuming you enjoy doing so, you have afforded yourself the luxury of doing as MacDonald described.

I love mornings. LOVE them. I often fall asleep at night with a smile on my face just thinking about the coming new day preceded by a spanking new morning.

And then taking the occasional afternoon nap? Don’t get me started! When you take a mid-day nap you get a second morning—two in one day.

A delightfully simple stanza from “Colours,” written by ‘60s singer/songwriter Joan Baez now plays in my head:

Yellow is the colour of my true love’s hair, In the morning when we rise

In the morning when we rise

That’s the time, that’s the time

I love the best . . .

Joan’s sweet duet with Donovan is well worth a quick search on YouTube and guaranteed to give you a folksy, sunny salutation to the new day. Tis true, joy cometh in the morning.

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