Four weeks after acquisition

Right there before my eyes— I see a glimmer of potential for five savory stuffed bell peppers to manifest themselves into my future. This was a rescue, given up on and headed for trash pick up. Yellowing leaves, spindly stems, far from the picture of health. The previous owner has a plethora of healthy plants of the non-food producing kind so it was never a question of capability on their part. In my estimation it just wasn’t able to flourish in its previous location.

Just to be clear, I’m not one to go looking for lost causes or those in need of rehabilitation but if a potentially viable rescue crosses my path I listen when it speaks to me. This one did. I had successfully grown some spicy Serano chilies a couple of years ago so I knew this would not be a challenge. That little plant served me well for several southwestern style dishes and a fancy cocktail recipe or two. But in a very busy season I neglected it and even though it was in the right location it still needed a helping hand to give it the consistent watering that it needed to survive. My bad. A fail in farming.

Maybe it’s some of our own little failures or failures we may have witnessed that stir us to foster and rescue plants, pets, or people further on down the road of life.

At one point you were just a glimmer in your daddy’s eye, as they say. Just as the tiny bell pepper buds are today. Today you stand as a full-blown human and today I hope that wherever you are you are receiving what you need to be healthy and to grow well. I pray you are somehow in the proper location needed for you to thrive. Happy Saturday!

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