Scrap of Joy

If you have any tiny scrap of joy this season, then for the sake of others who’ve been coming up short (particularly right now), please pass a bit of that scrap forward.

Your own spark of joy can be shared in a hundred small ways. You already know that. Make it your business to spread a spark to someone who may need a lift. Let it be known that Covid does not have exclusive rights to contagiousness.

A handsomely suave Italian man once shared this with me:

“There’s an amazing gift that all of us already possess. It’s value is truly priceless yet costs nothing to give. It impacts both the recipient and the giver. Most often it will instantly be returned.” TODAY is a great day to give someone the simple gift of a heart felt smile. BE THE JOY.

You may argue that this is more challenging in 2020 for obvious masking reasons. So true and yet there’s no time like the present to master the art of smiling with your eyes. I’m sure my optometrist would totally agree.

Did I mention that the handsome Italian was a successful and wise endodontist?

Happy Saturday, wherever you roam. ♥️

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