Once Again

Yep, I broke another pair.

I’m at a certain level of maturity (read: life experience) that allows me the freedom to unashamedly wear off-brand, reasonably priced sunglasses. They have to be flattering OF COURSE. But finally, after many misplaced, left behind at a restaurant or otherwise damaged beyond repair tragedies, I’ve learned to navigate these types of losses. Less beating myself up about careless handling. No more self ridicule over the absentmindedness. No more mourning the loss of the pair that gave me a certain mysterious air on a day I chose to skip eyeliner and mascara. I finally got there ~ I’d been set free.

This time it happened at my nearby Home Depot. They fell off my face, hitting the cold concrete floor with a distinctive cracking sound. The lens popped out as the frame split apart. This pair stubbornly refused to cooperate with any of my earnest repair attempts. They were done. Had enough.

Since my blue eyes are very sensitive to sunlight I knew the drive home would be a little painful . . . but then there just might be a wreckety old backup pair, fingers crossed, in the car. Much to my amazement the pair in the car were the (misplaced) magical rainbow sunglasses I posted about in October 2019!

Sometimes an irreparable break can lead to rainbow vision.

Its true if you believe it. And especially if you need it.

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