Hearts On Fire

How to describe the expression on this lovely face. Is it pensive or disinterested? Deep in thought or disengaged? Where’s the evidence of her feelings and what thoughts may be traveling through her mind? No upturned smile, no raised brow. For all intents and purposes her expressionless gaze may well be interpreted as emotion-less, giving no vague hint, no sense at all of her mood or state of being.

And yet.

Though she may appear on the outside to be devoid of any emotion, conveying little else than a calm and passive gaze, there’s something quite remarkable she reveals.

She holds her heart in her hands . . . and her heart is on fire!

• • • • • • • • •

When a heart is on fire it changes wrongs to rights; it moves to feed the hungry, give to the poor, lift up the weak, bring hope to the lonely. A heart on fire is a mighty super power for good. Hearts on fire move mountains for others one molehill at a time. They burn with the passion to teach, to reach, to preach, to bring some means of better life, great or small, to another living soul. And when hearts on fire combine with hands things begin to change.

Her face may never show it but her heart is soooo on fire.

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