What Comes First

A container’s label, whether fancy or plain, descibes what’s inside, what the ingredients are, whether organic or toxic or sugar free or corn syrup filled, maybe nutrient dense or chemically laden. We label weed killer and lipstick and whipped cream and each other.

What if you and I each came with a label that described our traits in accurate detail to inform others what we were made of? What ingredient would be listed first—the main one, you know? Sugar and spice and everything thing nice?

So yes this is a random thread here on December tenth, twenty nineteen! Being the most wonderful time of the year makes it even more unlikely that there’s any sufficient amount of time to pause and contemplate your contents. You may be more wrapped up (Christmas gift pun) in thinking of other’s wants and wishes or perhaps, on the other hand, you might be so filled with an unmentionable ingredient that makes you want to throw up your hands at the whole affair.

But if you’re still with me then try this: just focus your thought on YOU and what you—being totally and brutally honest, being more truthful than you might normally allow yourself to be—are really truly made of. If there’s one predominant ingredient, one defining characteristic on that label what would it be? Generous, stubbornly determined, unselfishly loving, carefree, considerate, determined, grace-filled, wise? So of course we’re made up of varying degrees of elements and complex compounds, some in minute amounts or heavy doses and yet even with an endless list of ingredients, as on any product label, the main ingredient is always listed first. What is yours?

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