Sunday Morning Solitude

Ah, the Sunday morning solitude!

For many years now I’ve enjoyed starting my day in the dark and quiet moments before the dawn. Before the house starts creaking, while the street sounds are silent and the ticking of the clock is all I hear. Before anything or anyone else is up and about—THAT is the time I like best. Perhaps because it’s fleeting; perhaps because it sets the tone for whatever the day might bring.

Oh but now—here’s the sound of an old truck rounding the corner so faintly it must be several streets away—reminding me I’m not alone in the silence. Soon enough the neighbor’s paper will be tossed and skid harshly til it slams to a halt at her door. Sleeping dogs will voice complaint that their rest was disturbed then with silence restored doze again. Shortly thereafter, with infrequent regularity, the traveling sales rep two doors down will run a test of his latest playlist on a superior stereo system used for his side-hustle DJ’ing venture. The bass from his Beatles set won’t be enough to wake any other sleeping souls from their beds just yet but will signal to me that its over. And now there it is—the first sounds of the highly verbal crow community in the towering eucalyptus just outside. Silent Sunday morning is over. The neighborhood is now waking up.

Here comes the sun and I say . . . its alright.

Happy Sunday ♥️

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