What Happens Next

That’s me, the mobile mama. At least that’s what Maria called me when I told her my plans for our break. Thanksgiving over there then a Black Friday road trip up the the coast then a Christmas flight to Texas ought to do it. I’ll be making the rounds to spend time with the ones I love most. “Mobile momma!” she said, and we laughed.

She’s one of our University students; one semester to go and on the edge of “what happens next” in her life. She’s headed for home where her parents and youngers are waiting. Her Momma will cook up her favorites and they’ll watch her little sister at practice games. She’ll return to the nest she flew south from, where they’ll catch up on the milestones they’ve missed. Reconnect and do life as before. Though they know this won’t last they won’t say it out loud. They’ll hang out like old times, like its just other day, and they’ll relish the moments while they can. They know things are changing. They sense their girl is about to spread her wings and fly away into her future. But for now she is headed for home.

I can’t say for certain but my hunch about her is this: that no matter how far from home, there’ll be plenty of road trips and plenty of flights that will lead to the ones she loves most.

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