It Is Time

Sometimes, at the most unexpected moment, a solution I’ve been looking for suddenly crystallizes in my mind and I know what I need to do next. Sometimes it’s abundantly clear. Sometimes its just enough for a first step.

Does it ever happen to you that way? It might be when I’m mindlessly driving along a familiar route when a few words that I’ve read or that someone spoke to me will take shape. My mind is still turning in the formative stages of an answer I’ve sought and then there it is! Bells go off and I know.

I paused at a stop sign yesterday just a little longer than my usual California roll. SIDE BAR: our SoCal “rolling stops” are apparently called that by officers of the law. Though we’re known for being laid back on the west coast, we’re also always in a hurry. With no one behind me I drank in the scene. Young and old made their way to the historic San Juan Capistrano Mission as the church bells rang out loudly with a message I was waiting to hear. “Its time,” they called out. And it is.

It is time to move forward, take next steps, move ahead. It is time.

2 thoughts on “It Is Time

  1. Dear Nancy, Im glad to hear that . . . the b‘ells rang out in affirmation of an Ah Ha moment I’d had in the Sunday sermon. Just what I needed! ❤️ So glad to know you did as well. 😘


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