There was this flame-like glow coming from a stand of foxtail fountain grass I passed on my walk near the end of the day. It shone like a fire though not burning. No smoke, no heat, no crackle and yet glowing yellowy orange. It was stunning. Arresting. An attention getting sight to be sure. From ninety three million miles away the end-of-day sun cast its rays with outstanding effect.

It was a show-stopper of a moment right there in that bit of landscaped vegetation, that “Cortaderia selloana,” did not put on blush; sing a song; do a dance. It did nothing on its own but exist under the glow of the sun and yet something transformational happened to it—fleeting as it was. With no will of its own, no power or ability in its cellular structure there was a change to its color. The light of the sun made it so as it took on the same shade of it. Did it reflect the sun’s hue? Hardly the case. It had no mirrored surface to reflect such a shade.

• • • • • •

How about this, what if we came to realize that we each have the power to cast color on those around us? What if our own brightest glow and brilliant color were to splash on those we care about and those we have compassion for? What if all it would take would be for you to be your truest, most pure form of YOU, God-empowered in the form of your love, your joy and your wisdom? Cast some color where you can.

Happy Sunday to all my colorful friends.

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