It Is Well

Poor Friday. Its funny how we look forward to it more than any other day of the week. Beginning on Monday we literally count the days until dear Friday, fabulous Friday, fast-food Friday rolls around again. Wednesday, the middle child, has made a name for itself (though not an attractive sounding one) solely based on its relationship to Friday. Woo hoo ~ its “hump” day! Lovely.

But TGIF, right? ITS FRIDAY, Y’ALL! Do you hear me? I said FriYay! “Whew, we made it to Friday!” It’s not only said in countless offices but also in the classroom, the living room, the courtroom, and most any room inhabited by humans. We anticipate a reprieve from the strictures of the week as if we’re about to land on a get-out-of-jail-free space on a gameboard. Just like a classroom full of antsy school children anxiously awaiting the sound of the dismissal bell, proclaiming to one and all that the week is finally over with its long lectures, homework assignments, required reading and bad cafeteria entree’s. I personally enjoyed my school days but an ancient episode of The Simpsons seems to have stuck in my mind for no good reason at all. I thank you, Bart.

Good old Friday’s actual claim to fame is as much about the undeniable sense of joy that something we’re required to do is over. For now. And, as independent human beings, that alone is something we celebrate.

But here’s the thing, Friday is just another day with the exception of something rather significant. Its the positioning of it that makes it attractive to us. The positioning I tell you. Think about your current GPS for a moment and it may tell you, if you’re honest about it, how you feel about yourself and your life right now. Is it good only in relation to its nearness to something or someone else? Wow, from images of Bart Simpson to an enduring question, I know, but seriously, is it well with your soul just because it is?

Its not great timing for a thought provoking question like this because of it’s relation to Friyay but when you get a chance . . . sometime this weekend perhaps, give a thought to your soul.

Is it well?

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