Free Refills

I began writing DailyCuppaJo last December with an occasional post, off and on, just here and there really, as I began to add photos of personal interest to my Instagram account. I hadn’t noticed until someone brought to my attention that with each successive post my “captions” (as they were only meant to be), were becoming longer and wordier. It seemed that each photo I shared had a story to be told so I went with it.

Then came a challenging nudge from someone near and dear to me to begin regularly posting my thoughts, perspectives and viewpoints. Like the plot of the movie “Julie and Julia,” for a full 365 consecutive days, instead of daily preparing and blogging about Julia Child’s recipes I’ve attempted to serve up a virtual daily cuppa. Now, with three hundred-ish posts in the bag, the finish line of the challenge is in sight.

Here’s one thing about my actual online account, there’s nothing for sale here, no “link in bio” to DailyCuppaJo merch. I’m not looking for my long lost soulmate (and I hope I’ve never projected that unintentionally). I’m not writing on behalf of a business, a non-profit, a ministry or a movement. I’m just pouring out a cup on the daily to share with you. When it resonates let’s raise a hallelujah.

I’ll say this, going public with your stuff, whether it be your art or your craft or trade or simply your words, is a bit of a risk when you’re a private person by nature. It requires intentional choice to take part in a diverse and global online community. Nothing too private about that. There’s a palpable if not tangible variation of human connection that occurs with a posted image or when reading a message that stirs your soul or gives you that “me too” feeling. We are, after all, connected in this human journey we’re on.

So keep posting, keep reading, I’m gonna keep pouring a daily cuppa and I invite you to keep stopping by. The refills will always be free.

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