That Thing You Do

What are you good at and what do you specialize in—listening perhaps? You know, the kind that really hears what people are attempting to communicate? Do you possess the true ability to hear a heart between the lines of verbalized thoughts and feelings? Awesome!

Maybe you’re good with words. You write down thoughts that speak to others in deep ways. Your words stir people to do something they’ve been meaning to do or have dreamt of doing. Or maybe its the way you put words and thoughts together with any easy grace—one on one at a coffeehouse or in front of a packed house of hundreds. You have the Ted talk ability to speak focused truth and information to people. Fantastic!

How about being empathetic?Can you sense the masked emotions others experience then acknowledge them in ways that validate the person and guides them to some much needed resolution? Brilliant!

Maybe you don’t even realize that you possess the crystal clear focus and ability to prioritize in order to get a thing accomplished. You innately see the steps needed to get from point A to B then to the finish line of a thing. Way to bring it on home!

What if you took some intentional time to discover how that everyday extraordinary skill of yours, that thing you do; that thing that comes so naturally to you, can be focused for good? It wouldn’t take a silent retreat at a monastery in the redwoods necessarily but you’d have to put your phone down for a bit.

Do that thing you do. Not for money making purposes alone but for a purpose beyond your own gain. Its always come naturally to you so you may under value your ability. Don’t wait for someone else to manifest it when the gift has already been given to you. Do it. Then do it again. We often sit back and expect “them” to do what we have in our own heart—what we were born to do. You are where you are with the abilities that have developed in you. Look for an opportunity to do what you do . . . then DO IT.

Photo credit: Magnolia Silos

Waco, Texas

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