This was a first for me and at that I know I’m late to the veggie zoodle party. Spiralized butternut squash, sautéed in a little avocado oil, “finished” with fresh cracked pepper and a pinch of sea salt. This was simple, nutritious and pretty tasty and, scout’s honor, one particular strand of squash was a full three feet long.

You know how to measure three feet without a ruler, right? Its approximately the length from your nose to the end of your finger tip on your outstretched arm. There; if you didn’t already know that then Grandma Cary just taught you something too.

Honestly we each know so many useful things. There are volumes full of random methods, insights, home remedies, pet training tips, relationship strategies, industry specific knowledge inside us all. Share this! Some of us seem to be born teachers and naturally choose to help explain simple or complex things to someone who just doesn’t understand or doesn’t quite have the “know-how” yet but they want to. They want to do better; they just need the teacher to show up.

Maybe that’s you and me. You’ve learned so very much since the day you arrived. Your skill set might overlap mine here and there but you know stuff I don’t because of your unique experiences and mentors and classroom teachers and hard knocks and redemptive moments along the way.

There’s a whole lot of learning to be done from each other. It may come from a social media influencer or it may come from Grandma or it may come from you. Share what you know when its helpful to do so. Our lives aren’t meant to be simply encyclopedic containers for knowledge. Open the book and stay on the look-out for new opportunities to help others live better lives based on one small thing you know. Teach.

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