A Way

Sometimes I just need an encouragement. I want some input from outside my own thinking that is either reassuring or informative or otherwise knowledgeable of where I’m at in a particular season . . . or moment.

Sometimes that has come from the knowing look of a friend or colleague. Sometimes simply a hand placed on my shoulder and the weight, pressure and duration of it alone conveys an understanding beyond verbal exchange.

Yet I love words and have a longtime and ongoing thing for old dictionaries. Several have reluctantly been donated to old book shops because there actually and truly can be too much of a good thing. And even though this is so, that I love words, I am coming to realize that all the words in the world, filling every dictionary ever compiled are useless if not used. They are a big heap of “so what” if they’re only leather bound and collected but not used to hone the skill of communicating to another. That what—things are going to be okay? That a challenge is up ahead? That there are nutritional protocols for what ails me and so on?

So when I’m minding my own business with one purpose in mind, which is merely to transport myself from home to office, a display of words interjects themselves into my morning commute state of mind.

A local truck owner made an intentional and bold statement for all to see. The words weren’t whispered and didn’t just slip out nonchalantly. Their size, spacing and preeminently their content were thoughtfully considered. It so impacted my morning to see a reassuring “word” right there on the 405 northbound. No audible voice spoke it. No podcast or cleverly written post or blog. Just the bold words:

God will make a way

In His time

Powerful. Thank you.

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