The One

“A flower for the one I love” is what the canvas plant cover said; given to me recently by someone who does.

Funny thing how that works. Love stirs us to give—have you also noticed that? While it doesn’t have to take any specific form, the overflow of a loving heart and mind always results in giving. It may manifest itself as a flower or a ring or something larger and of great value but it is nonetheless sincere when it shape shifts into an encouraging word or a nudge in a forward direction. Perhaps as a sacrificial offer of help when our own physical resources have been exhausted or our community has been devastated by flooding or our source of income has been cut off. Or we’ve simply had a hard day. Love sees what you think only you can possibly feel. It can be felt it in a simple hug that communicates something powerful from spirit to spirit. In the spontaneous physical posture of a fellow sojourner’s arm around our shoulder there is sustaining connection from one human being to another and for that fleeting moment the Spirit within you knows that it will be OK, whatever it is, even if “it” is not solved, even if “they“ pass away, even if all you’ve planned for fails. In times like these the doubts and facts may cover over that glimmer in your spirit but we must try and cling to that fleeting spark before circumstances mask it with reality. Before the powerful, silent sound of Love is muted by the urgent situation at hand.

Do remember this: love does not cause harm; brokenness does. Love can cover multitudes of brokenness yet does not let itself become beaten down by it. Seriously, keep that in the front of your mind if ever someone who professes love, also brings harm to you or anyone smaller or weaker.

A flower . . . for the one I love.

The One.

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