Not So Worky

This was my Monday. There was plenty to be done but there wasn’t enough energy (or will) to do it. The sign at the office actually had our wifi on it for visitors but I changed it. I clearly had enough energy to make a declaration about my mental state of mind but not much more. I’m not a Millennial y’all—but there I was, daydreaming in between answering emails and taking coffee breaks.

Maybe, just maybe, that “no worky” Monday thing isn’t owned exclusively by one generation or specific demographic. The radio DJ on my drive said it is recognized as The Day most folks are utterly underwhelmed over. Hmm, underwhelmed/over . . . a phrase that might require an entire Monday to contemplate. I suppose we’re tired out from weekend activities coupled with the realization that we have to buckle down and get back to the business of being adults again. Well, somebody’s gotta do it after all. But yesterday at work “they” did buckle down and do the work at hand while the adult in the room played with the message board and dreamt up clever sayings. Maybe it was more of a mixed up Monday where the kids act like their parents and vice versa. In the movie version it all gets sorted in the end and everyone goes back to playing their established roles and sanity is restored.

All I know right now is that its officially Tuesday. Time to get crack-a-lackin’ and act my age. No message boarding for me today. Gotta get caught up and return to being a productive member of society once again.

Is a Monday state of mind a real thing? I’ll give it another seven days and report back.

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