With All My Heart

Tarnished, a bit battered, this world-weary heart.

Made by a craftsman. A silversmith. One who specialized in this precious metal and designed a perfect heart as a gift. Inscribed upon it in the script style of the day, both a name and place and a very specific place at that. Portsmouth, New Hampshire, New England, North America. Pull out larger than that and the mind imagines an image of Google earth. Beyond that, the stars and our galaxy, the entire universe, as it were.

And yet this slightly rumpled heart bearing the owner’s name was crafted with care and engraved with down to earth precision. A treasured possession no doubt and now a museum piece that resides in Boston, 243 years old and less than two inches in size.

Now the question of the day, how would you describe your own heart? Braveheart, bruised heart, valiant heart, wary heart, lonely heart, loving heart? Who’s name is inscribed there? And what metal is it made of? Heart of gold perhaps or like the tin man perhaps you’ve questioned if you even have one or if its still beating.

How about making this “Take Heart Tuesday?” Take heart dear friend. Hope (help) is on the way. Weary heart, this is for real. The Creator of your very unique and custom designed heart has your name inscribed on His. He knows, He sees, and He cares.

Take heart.

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