One of a Kind

Here’s an almost finished pillow I whipped up this weekend. Thank you Grandma Cary for teaching me how to sew when I was but a school girl. It allowed me to ace the clothing construction module in High School Home Economics class back in the day and honestly so much more. The skills taught were as much about patience, ripping out a carelessly crooked seam, securely attaching a button so as to keep things together that should most definitely be kept together. Life lessons that are with me still after oh so many years.

Our career-minded, full-time working mom would send us sisters, one at a time, out to stay with grandma for a week each summer. First day there we would shop the fabric stores and pick out material, buttons, zippers, threads, and patterns for five different school outfits each. The rest of the week we were taught how to make a dress or cute top for the coming year’s school clothes. I particularly LOVED that I could own something entirely custom made that no one else could buy in a store or choose off a rack. We wore more than jeans & tees to school at that time.

Custom made, one of a kind.

Uniquely patterned, cut at just the right angle, meticulously hand constructed according to a specific design. You.

Designed for a lifetime of experiences of all shapes, colors, and sizes. From birth to death and all the joys and heartbreaks in between we travel about our spheres of influence as a custom made, one of a kind creation. The longer the journey the more wear and tear so mending is a necessity. Keep your hemlines current, adjust your pant legs flared or skinny. Or . . . don’t! Let out the side-seams or take them in a bit as life ebbs and flows. Take care of your garment—your spirit, your soul. It has been gifted to you for your life journey and will take you up to your very last day here. Beyond that you’ll be clothed otherwise. No specific details on that wardrobe yet but the inside word is . . . Nah, I can’t go there. Yet.

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