Lettin Go

Is there a right time to let go?

If you are in the Hands of the right One—rhe answer is yes. If you are in the hands of the wrong one the answer is doubly a resounding yes. Being held and supported by One who is invisible might feel, at times, like you’re not being held at all. And while to one of us it feels like a frightening thing, simultaneously, to another it feels like a glorious thing.

We are so unique, each and everyone of us. It is hard to believe that we are all the same species and yet impossible to believe that we are not. So is the dilemma that is created at a cross road. Your cross road. And we encounter mini and micro crossroads almost daily. Which way should we go? Which road should we choose? Which course? Which leader? Which lunch entrée? So many choices before us and thank God for the ability to choose. Choice may feel like a curse to some because the necessary decision feels more like an anguish-laden burden (Oh, if only this were all decided for me and I knew which road to take!). And there is the thing… there is the thing! Many a time for life to move forward we are required to act beyond our comfort zone. It will involve doing something that feels quite severing. And that is the art, yes art, of letting go. Starting a new chapter involves finishing the previous one. You cannot hover in the previous chapter AND experience the next one. You must turn the page and in essence that involves a “letting go,” a choice, a decision.

So this post is for the decision makers – and that is all of us. Even if you’re currently a frozen DM (decision maker). Letting go is usually a prerequisite for stepping into the next best thing that is patiently waiting for us, just on the other side of decision. The glorious gift of choice – when a wise one is made – will involve letting go as a new door of opportunity swings wide before our very eyes.

The animated Disney snow queen Elsa, in the movie “Frozen,” got it right. Cue the soundtrack and let it go.

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