Fade Not Away

Confession time. I ate this yesterday at a local country kitchen where I haven’t eaten in over 20 years. And though the decor wasn’t anything like my particular grandmother’s home it had that old-timey feeling of comfort and calm. So I over ate, not leaving a speck of breakfast gravy on the plate. The final biscuit went down just fine with the marmalade and grape jelly that the server brought. And with one of those little plastic cups of half and half that sit out for days on end with no refrigeration. Ugggg.

It always feels enjoyable in the moment. You see, them there carbs start numbing brain cells super quickly before our better angels remind us that this is basically poison for the body. It tasted so good though. And I confess to having occasional visions of sugar plums and gravy dancing in my head because these are a few of my favorite things. There, I’ve said it.

“Just don’t BECOME a biscuit,” I tell myself. Tasty but no nutritional value. Lumpy. A little dry even. Don’t do it.

Notice how colorless the pictured plate actually is? Monotone even. May that NEVER be a portrait of your life or mine. Don’t let the colors fade or slowly drain away. Maybe you didn’t notice it happening. Get your spark back. Do things that light that fire in your heart.

Keep the blush in your cheeks by going after what you love (bad diner food excluded) and in the doing not only will you stay vibrant in heart and mind but there’ll be nutrients available to share. That’s key after all. We’re all in this together.

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